Monday, August 3, 2009

Orange Baboon Tarantula

Here's a photo of one of my OBTs.

Here's another one.

This photo (above) shows a general view of a part of my Tarantula Room.
The containers with the yellow labels on the right and the red baskets below
them house my Orange Baboon Taratulas. The red baskets are 4 levels high.

A closer look at the OBT containers.

Warning!!!! Do not come any nearer. ( A typical "threat pose" of an OBT).

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  1. wow do you sell them internationally? i just adopted my 2nd tarantula in whole life and it is a OBT. my first was an B smithi. I raised from the time it was a first instar. it ate flies. The OBT is a rescue animal. I know very little about them. I read that they are very agressive. The adoption fee was 30.00 US. It is about 1 year old and measures about 3.5" maybe 7cms in diameter when it is crawling around and has it's full leg span. i also read that there is more 4 color variations. not sure which one it is . i'll have to take a picture of it for u.